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If you have any of the following regulatory questions, you’re probably not alone. The IPAA Environmental Compliance System can answer them, and so many more.

If I’m going to drill a well, what permits do I need to get? Are there any limitations on where I can drill? Whom do I need to notify about my plans?
Solution: Pre-Drilling checklist

There are so many steps involved, and so many different agencies to deal with. How do I keep track?
Solution: Subcontractor Management

Each subcontractor has to comply with his or her own set of regulations. How can I clearly communicate what they need to do, and make sure they do it properly?
Solution: Subcontractor Management

I’m received all my permits and now I’m ready to move forward. Where can I find guidelines that outline the regulations to follow while drilling? I want to make sure I don’t get cited or fined.
Solution: Drilling and Completion checklist

This is the first well I’m drilling in this jurisdiction, so I am unfamiliar with the environmental regulations here. Is there a quick and easy resource that lets me know if I’m properly handling my drilling byproducts?
Solution: Well Production/Operation guidelines

I’m done drilling at this site. What are my obligations now?
Solution: Well Plugging and Abandonment instructions


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